September 22, 2022 16:01 ET | Source: CH Group

New York City, New York, United States, Sept. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The CH Group family of companies (“CH Group”), Circle H International, Inc. (“Circle H”) and Circle H Foundation (the “Foundation”) are pleased to recognize the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) and join in the celebration of this significant milestone.

CH Group is actively involved with KSA in various strategic healthcare, technology, travel, finance, insurance, media, product trade, manufacturing, distribution and “green” Giga-Projects, including for Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, NEOM, Red Sea and Amaala. Working with international and local partners and stakeholders, CH Group’s initiatives are harmonious with the Saudi Vision 2030 and elevate KSA’s leadership and profile in industries of the future across OIC countries and the MENA and GCC regions. 

Circle H is a non-profit organization collaborating with KSA’s government ministries and organizations, NGO’s and business leaders for the global Halal certification of products and services to and from KSA across all business  and lifestyle Sectors, including for Food & Beverage; Finance, Banking & Insurance;  Pharmaceuticals; Cosmetics; Travel & Tourism; Fashion; Media & Entertainment;  and Healthcare. Circle H’s esteemed Sharia Advisory Council, accredited by the most prominent international governmental and NGO authorities, business and religious leaders, ensures that Circle H’s certification is recognized and followed by most of the 2 billion Muslims living worldwide. 

The Foundation’s non-profit activities include partnering with KSA NGO’s, business and governmental leaders and influencers to improve access, opportunity and support to global humanity to live healthier, more wholesome and more ethical lifestyles than ever before. Through strategic initiatives, global partnerships and integrated programs, the Foundation works with KSA and others to lead the global community in 8 key focus areas (“Pillars”): Education; Energy and Infrastructure; Healthcare & Safety; Earth & Environment; International Relations; Charitable Giving & Zakat; Relief; and Human Rights. 

CH Group Chairman/CEO Elsayed Zayan, commented, “Congratulations to the Saudi Kingdom on the 92nd anniversary from its founding. CH Group is proud to be a partner in Saudi Arabia’s social and economic growth, as we continue to see the Kingdom as ‘A Home For Us’ and an integral part of our mission to develop our initiatives ‘From Local to Global™’. We also remain grateful for the leadership and guidance of The Custodian of the Two holy Mosques, His Majesty the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, Saudi ambassador to the US.” 

“Circle H is pleased to celebrate this auspicious 92nd Saudi National Day, and appreciates KSA’s leadership and support of Circle H unified standards and the Ⓗ™ brand as the new voice for gaining access and inclusion around the world to Halal certified goods and services for Muslim people and Islamic trade,” noted Solon Kandel, Chief Business Advisor.

Commenting on behalf of the Foundation, Strategic Advisors Dr. Fahad Al-Gahtani and Dr. Robin Smith added, “We are pleased on this special day to recognize the unprecedented achievements of the Kingdom and its visionary leadership. We are also most grateful for its support in helping the Foundation institute programs and projects, including ground-breaking healthcare initiatives, ‘People to People, and Place to Place,™’ to create a better and more harmonious world.” 


The CH Family of Companies (“CH Group”), constitute a diversified conglomerate, spanning a variety of multi-national products, services and solutions, including in the areas of business development; commodities; platform businesses and technologies; real estate, infrastructure and GIGA-projects; operations; and finance ( ).

CH Group’s world mission is to connect, develop and promote, from Local to Global™, all aspects of a wholesome, healthy, ethical and productive lifestyle, including uniquely in all eight economic “Sectors” – Food, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Tourism, Fashion, Media/Entertainment and Healthcare. 

CH Group accomplishes its goals by bridging the Western and Islamic cultural and business divide, building public and private alliances, opening new markets,  sourcing new products, aligning strategic objectives and strengthening local communities. In the process, CH Group helps build a more harmonious and prosperous world of  “win-win” collaboration, cooperation and peace. 


Circle H International, Inc. (“Circle H”) is a non-profit organization, which owns the only U.S. and globally registered, unified, internationally authorized halal standards and Ⓗ™  brand, applicable across all business and lifestyle Sectors ( The Circle H trademark and standards have been internationally approved and registered to advance the mission of ensuring healthy, wholesome and ethical products and services are available worldwide. 

Much like other prominent global organizations promoting established standards in their fields, through its representatives, Circle H sets the bar for halal business everywhere. Circle H’s unique, unprecedented and comprehensive international halal authority derives from its esteemed Sharia Advisory Council, accredited by the most prominent governmental and NGO authorities, business and religious leaders, and followed by most of the 2 billion Muslims, worldwide.


Circle H Foundation (“ the Foundation”) is a globally focused, non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the world by building bridges amongst cultures, countries and institutions. Its mission is to support programs that power humanity through ethical, wholesome and healthy living, for better human relations and a better planet – PEOPLE TO PEOPLE AND PLACE TO PLACE™.  The Foundation’s strategic initiatives, global partnerships and integrated programs focus on leading in eight areas (“Pillars”): Education; Energy and Infrastructure; Healthcare & Safety; Earth & Environment; International Relations; Charitable Giving & Zakat; Relief; and Human Rights.

The Foundation works in concert with global charities, projects, NGOs, civic organizations and CH Group affiliated entities that are mission-aligned. The selection of partners, projects, programs and initiatives is undertaken with a keen eye towards reputation, brand and ethics. Every allocation and decision is made to maximize resources and capital and with strong consideration of how it will impact people and the world. 

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