Technology Platform Solutions

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Technology Platform Solutions

CH Group continues to develop a robust portfolio of interoperable technologies that reside on a foundational blockchain platform, where decentralized applications (DEAPPS) are built as Sector offerings. The blockchain’s data set and ledger features are designed for faster, safer, more secure, scalable and energy-efficient performance. 

This technology landscape enables streamlined business and personal transactions across a multitude of industries and for both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) channels, for a more connected world, including the following:


For storage of information and assets such as payment methods, NFTs, receipts, vouchers, tickets and more.


Similar to features found on Shopify, Amazon and other online retailers, our e-commerce solutions allow individuals and companies to buy, sell and manage their own stores on the blockchain.


CH Travel customers can search, view and book travel packages including hotels, transportation, experiences, tours, events and reservations.

Metadata Records

To securely store public and private real estate documents, healthcare records, official government documents, asset management, legal documents and more.


For all digital banking functions like checking and savings accounts, borrowing, lending, credit cards, etc.

Streaming Experiences

Metaverse and live experiences in virtual-reality and augmented-reality settings include concerts, performances, sports, live events, sermons, and speeches, gaming much more.

Supply Chain/Logistics

Provides a system of logistics, tracking, authentication, verification, documentation and security for control of imports and exports by countries.

Online Trading

Digital trading platforms allow for the investment, purchase, trade and sale of a variety of assets in both business to business (B2B) and direct to consumers (B2C) formats including carbon credits/offsets, stocks, bonds, securities, direct listings and private companies With the interoperability of the underlying technology, consumers can purchase using a variety of methods (including our digital wallet, H-Coin, PayPal, credit cards) from any device.


The world’s first cryptocurrency backed by silver and globally certified as Sharia compliant.