Global Import and Export

Business Lines

Commodities & Trade

CH Group addresses and responds to worldwide demands for securing critical, stable and Halal supply chains and buyers, including for international importing and exporting of frozen and fresh proteins (like beef, veal, lamb and chicken); other food and agricultural products, equipment and technologies; cosmetics and fashion products; and healthcare pharmaceuticals, supplements, equipment and other products.

Global Import and Export

Business Lines

Distribution, Infrastructure & Supply Chain

With each strategic relationship, CH Group typically secures exclusive distribution and/or manufacturing rights for the Islamic markets (GCC, MENA and OIC countries). By delivering these rights to CH Group, our partners recognize the tremendous value we provide, which resides in the strength of our experience, resources, relationships and ability to execute on each initiative. 

Each opportunity is cultivated based on our systematic approach to maximizing returns and designing the best strategies and partnerships for success. CH Group acts as a joint venture partner, investor and/or authorized distributor, depending on the circumstance. 

Business Lines

Global Import & Export

CH Group looks for value-add local partners to work with in actualizing our initiatives, including experience, capabilities and operational and financial contribution.

Distribution / Franchising

Manufacturing, R&D and other infrastructure projects to grow a country’s internal capabilities

Branded and Private Label Products and Services

Retail Locations

Investment Financing programs include both debt and equity structures

Energy and Green Energy projects that enhance a country’s energy independence