Who We Are

About us

Who We Are

CH Group, including its many affiliates, is a diversified multi-national conglomerate with deep experience and expertise in a wide variety of business products, services, and sector solutions, including global business development services, commodities procurement, commercial real estate development, infrastructure project development, and finance.

~ About us

Our Objectives

CH Group helps build a more harmonious and prosperous world of “person-to-person” and “win-win” collaboration, cooperation and peace. 


CH Group accomplishes its goals by bridging the western and Islamic cultural and business divide, building public and private alliances, opening new markets, sourcing new products, aligning strategic objectives and strengthening local communities

Our Objectives

Our vision Our mission
To become the global brand leader in business and lifestyle.

CH Group’s world mission is to connect, develop and promote, From Local to Global™, all aspects of a wholesome, healthy and productive Halal lifestyle throughout the entire Islamic world, including uniquely in all Eight (8) Economic “Sectors”:

    • Food & Beverage
    • Finance & Insurance
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Cosmetics
    • Travel & Tourism
    • Fashion
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Healthcare

CH Group accomplishes this mission by acting as a bridge between western and Muslim cultures, customs, and business practices.


CH Group

CH Group selects world-class projects and programs that are aligned with local visions, goals and priorities.


CH Group was founded with a mission to make products more accessible to Islamic consumers around the world.


Our team of experienced professionals is comprised of over 200 people, spanning 8 distinct Halal economic sectors.

Strategic Targets

CH Group has developed strategic initiatives across all Eight (8) Sectors, designed to deliver innovative.