About us


The CH Group story began with an idea to make products more accessible to Islamic consumers everywhere.

This has evolved over time into a global mission that extends well beyond consumers and products.

CH Group, through its diversified holdings, strategic partnerships and deeply-connected relationships, has become a force for good by developing business opportunities and non-profit initiatives that are aligned with our mission and vision.

Through CH Group efforts, the world becomes closer, healthier, cleaner, more sustainable and safer, fulfilling our promises of a greater tomorrow.


CH Group

CH Group selects world-class projects and programs that are aligned with local visions, goals and priorities.

Who We Are

CH Group, including its many affiliates, is a diversified multi-national conglomerate with deep experience and expertise in a wide variety


Our team of experienced professionals is comprised of over 200 people, spanning 8 distinct Halal economic sectors.

Strategic Targets

CH Group has developed strategic initiatives across all Eight (8) Sectors, designed to deliver innovative.