Devart Lab Announces Strategic Partnerships with American Companies to Enhance Egyptian and Middle Eastern Markets
Written by: Maher Badr

In light of the strategic partnership signed with the CH Group and Abu Dhabi Ports Group,
and within the framework of enhancing the position of global companies and emphasizing the importance of Middle Eastern markets, especially the Egyptian market, and according to the Egyptian state’s plans aimed at attracting foreign investment, Devart Lab Group announced the signing of several partnership and distribution agreements with a number of major American companies under the umbrella of the global CH Group.

These strategic partnerships cover various fields such as pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, medical devices, cosmetics, therapeutic products, and veterinary products. Through these partnerships, expertise and advanced technology from American companies will be transferred to Egypt, which will contribute to raising the quality level of products in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets.

These partnerships highlight the immense capabilities of Devart Lab in expanding in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern markets in the distribution of products from major global companies, being the leading company in the pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements sector.
Among these companies are:

  2. AD Ports
  3. Exotropin
  5. MHP | Maximum Human Performance
  8. Avertix
  9. Green Gruff
  10. Roofa
  12. Osmotica Pharmaceuticals
  13. Scilex
  14. Rapha Pharma

These companies operate in the fields of healthcare, providing nutritional supplements, minerals, vitamins, supplements for athletes, as well as medical cosmetic products, veterinary products, skincare and general health products, and pharmaceutical products targeting various diseases. Additionally, they offer the latest technologies in different medical devices.

These partnerships represent an important step towards enhancing innovation and expanding investments in the Egyptian market and Middle Eastern markets, strengthening the position of Devart Lab as a leading company in this field.

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