October 12, 2021 11:53 ET | Source: Circle H International, Inc.

Circle H Now Protects and Supports Muslim Consumer Access and Business Development Worldwide

New York; Cairo; Ridyadh; Abu Dhabi; Jakarta; London; Islamabad; Kuala Lumpur:  

100 Morris Avenue Springfield, NJ 07081, United States, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Circle H Sharia Advisory Council (“Council”) is pleased to announce and support the groundbreaking  Circle H Halal Certification Global Equity Initiative 2021-2022 (“Initiative”). Under the Initiative, the  world’s leading companies are offered a hand of friendship and historic opportunity to demonstrate  leadership, initiative, goodwill, corporate stewardship and social responsibility, by extending to Muslims  the same equitable inclusion and access to their products, through Circle H certification, as previously granted  for many years to other deserving consumer groups, including for Kosher, health, dietary, social or  environmentally conscious reasons.  

Participating global corporate brands will greatly benefit, including by (1) having their products Circle H certified as fit for local Muslim enjoyment one time, under one standard and brand, accepted virtually  everywhere in the world, including in the US, Europe and all other continents; (2) an approval process comparable to other certifying bodies and designed to be familiar, simple and seamless, but reaching a  vastly larger consumer base and dollars than currently accommodated interest groups; (3) seizing the  opportunity to elevate their global image in welcoming Muslims to access and enjoy their products, and  feel valued, while positively engaging and influencing the 60% of under-30 Muslims who are media savvy  and socially conscious; and (4) inclusion as a vanguard member of annual Circle H expos to exhibit and  promote halal goods and services, commencing in New York City with Circle H Expo 2022. Companies  can even certify that their corporate business practices comply with Circle H standards. 

The Initiative applies to Circle H Halal certification across all economic “Sectors”: food & beverage;  finance & insurance; pharmaceuticals; cosmetics; travel & tourism; fashion; media & entertainment; and  healthcare. For the first time, Muslim lifestyle needs will be justly heard and respected, with a gain of unprecedented access and inclusion to the entire scope of healthy, wholesome, ethical (Halal) living,  including for mortgages, loans, bonds, NFT’s, payment cards, digital wallets, project financing and  insurance; global travel and sports, such as for world class Halal destinations, FIFA World Cup 2022 and global American Football programs with NFL Alumni; healthcare and technology platforms and  programs, such as for hospitals, clinics, research centers, regenerative medicine and wellness facilities;  and fashion clothing and cosmetics.
The Initiative was born from the Council’s understanding that 2 billion Muslim consumers represent almost $10 trillion as an annual addressable market, yet they have been grossly underserved, including due to the lack of basic and essential equitable access to international products and brands with proper Halal certification. The most cited reason for this unacceptable status was the previous lack of unified,  international Halal standards under a single brand, empowered to act as an engine of universal reliability,  consistency and trust for trade and consumption. Circle H, guided by the Council’s leadership,  supervision and direction, solves this problem. 

“The Circle H standards and brand are the new voice for gaining access and inclusion to Halal certified  goods and services for Muslim people and Islamic trade around the world. The Halal Certification Global  Equity Initiative 2021-2022 is just our first conversation,” commented Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Rushdy, Al Azhar Al-Sharif Official Spokesperson and Council of Senior Scholars Member, on behalf of the Sharia  Advisory Council, its Members, Advisors, Associated Global Bodies, Authorities and Leaders.
Circle H Chairman Elsayed Zayan added, “We are grateful for the Council’s support and look forward to  forging a historic new relationship with companies ready to welcome Muslim consumers and businesses  on equal footing with their current customers and vendors. This is just good business, and also the right  thing to do. Given current conversations and initiatives by these same companies on similar  opportunities for diversity, equity and inclusion, we look forward to a warm response.” 


Circle H International Inc. (Circle H) is an apolitical, not-for-profit, US-based, global organization. Its  mission is to connect all aspects of the entire Islamic World, From Local To Global™, under the only unified international Halal standards and brand.  
Circle H is accredited and authorized by the most prominent governmental and non-governmental  organizations (NGO’s) in the world, including Al-Azhar Al-Sharif; General Secretariat for Fatwa  Authorities Worldwide; Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC); Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC);  African Union; Islamic Standards and Metrology Bodies; Council of Senior Scholars; Muslim World  League; and Muslim Council of Elders. Religious leaders drawn from these prominent institutions sit on  or advise Circle H’s Sharia Advisory Council, for development and support of its Halal standards. Almost  all of the 1.9 billion Muslims worldwide follow these renowned authorities.  

Circle H has uniquely forged strategic alliances with various governments, NGO’s and international leaders and businesses, all recognizing Circle H’s essential role in the integration and economic  development of a $10 Trillion worldwide Islamic addressable market, including in the Food & Beverage;  Finance & Insurance; Pharmaceutical; Cosmetic; Travel & Tourism; Fashion; Media & Entertainment; and  Healthcare economic “Sectors”. These alliances have also embraced Circle H’s broader global impact as  an historic and unprecedented bridge for developing communication, international relations and trade  between Western and Islamic Markets, producing a more prosperous, balanced and peaceful world.  

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